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Things To Consider When Buying A cordless Lawn Mower

There are many things which you should focus while buying a lawn mower. Below we have listed all of them in our guide of best Cordless lawn mower 2019.

Grass Handling System

When you are about to buy lawn mower must check its grass handling system. We always recommend you to buy 3 in 1 Mower which offers you Mulch, discharge and bagging system And also make sure that it is a self propelled lawn mower.

Cutting Width - Height

You should take a look on the cutting width and height adjustment of the lawn mower. If the mower has small cutting deck or no cutting height adjustment then it's not worth buying.

Deck Material

Always choose that lawn mower which have a steel deck. because steel does not rust and its long lasting. So, in our experience never choose a lawn mower with Iron deck.

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Best Lawn Mower 2018 Guide



A Riding Lawn mower can be great for those who have big yard.  It can save a lot of time as compared to push lawn mower or an electric lawn mower.

You can sit comfortably while cutting your lawn.  They can save your time and  does not cause any pain to your legs and arms. Because you don't have to push it.

If you are looking to buy this type of mower then you should read our guide of best riding lawn mower 2018.



An electric lawn mower has many benefits such as it does not require any maintenance. They don't cause any pollution. So, they are environment friendly. As they require low maintenance they save your money on other things like oil, gas and plugs.

Not only this they are silent and can run instantly. And don't spew exhaust fumes.

Before buying read our guide of best electric lawn mower 2018.

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